Robotic Trading

The Unique Trading Set-up that really breaks the rules of share trading – 1600₹ / MONTH

  • No need to have much experience or in-depth knowledge in trading.
  • No need to be a master in trading. Even beginners can get continuous profits easily
  • No need to worry about market trend or market fluctuation.
  • No need to watch market forecast on newspapers, TV channels or analyzing the tips.
  • No need to spend your precious time all the day in front of your computer watching & worrying about your trading.
  • Trailing Stop Loss give maximizer of Profit.
  • User-friendly.
  • Easy to understand.
  • Easy to operate.
  • Can do any number of multiple trades at a time.
  • Perfectly working in all time frames.
  • Can minimise the number of trades.
  • Can minimise brokerage.
  • Can make consistent profits from both Buy and Sell.
  • You can set daily profit goal by yourself.
  • Compatible for Equity and Commodity.
  • Compatible for Intraday and Positional trades.